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Our School Logo


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So now translate those three elements into the school logo.

  • It has a broken purple ring.  This stands for each individual; all of us.  We are a all little bit broken in one way or another.  Sometimes we need to be rescued from the hurt that builds up inside.  But most of the time we need to be supported.  The green shoots are supporting the purple ring.  The ring is purple because purple is often used as the colour of mourning (when someone dies) and penitence (when we are sorry for the things we do wrong).


  • The purple ring is supported by green shoots based on the crozier.  The idea is that the strong green shoots support the sufferings - they bend but don't break.  This stands for the community of St. Declan's where we hope to support each other on our road to learning to deal with our brokenness.  The shoots also grow.  We help each other grow and that's why our motto is OPENNESS TO GROWTH.


  • And finally we have the water.  No prizes for guessing that it is the symbol for the well.  But can you guess what the meaning of this element is.  Here's a clue...go to the page about the St. Declan's Code