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Now then thing about a legend is that it is a story passed down from one generation to the next.  If you scratch the surface of the story you might find a gem of wisdom tucked away among the fantastical bits.  There might just be some deeper truth in among those mysterious happenings.  Its a bit like the 'deeper magic' we read about in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. 

So around the time of St. Declan's School's 50th anniversary in 2008 we learned a lot about The Legend of St. Declan.  (Take a look at Ryan's and Cian's and Shauna's pages from the book they wrote).  Three things stood out for us in the story:

  • Most of the children were a bit horrified by Manachin getting whacked with St. Declan's crozier.  But we can't ignore that we hurt each other sometimes and we feel a bit broken and mixed up.
  • The next thing was the crozier. The children wondered what it was for.  A crozier is a long staff shaped like a shepherd's crook.  The shepherd uses it to save little lambs that may have wandered off and fallen onto a ledge that is difficult to reach.  A bishop is often shown with a crozier because he is meant to be 'the shepherd to his flock'.  So it is a good symbol for looking after each other (if used correctly!)
  • And the last mysterious element is the holy well in Ardmore, near where St. Declan had his monastery.  Water is always connected to new life and is often used in religious ceremonies like baptism.  Remember in St. Declan's time people were only learning about christianity for the first time.  St. Declan would have baptised many of the people from his clan.